Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS )is a software application that can be used to create, customize, and manage digital content. This is used to manage web content, allowing multiple users to create, edit and publish.

We provide a website to our clients that is fast, manageable and easy to use. Through the use of the latest CMS applications such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, we can create a web solution that you can maintain and manage. Our web based CMS solutions will allow you to alter the content on your website whenever you require, so that you can have complete control of your own site and its design. You can add, edit and delete pages even if you have no HTML skills, allowing you to keep your site fresh and up to date at all times.

We could offer a CMS platform that not only aids small businesses with content creation and management but also facilitates them to market their content in the digital space efficiently.

We support a number of additional popular CMS systems. And a gallery of Wordpress Plugins, Drupal Plugins, Joomla plugins and more.

1. WordPress:: For those users not familiar with HTML or other markup language, a WYSIWYG editor is provided straight out of the box. The backend layout is streamlined and intuitive, and a new user should be able to easily find their way around the administration section. Wordpress also comes with built-in image and multimedia uploading support. Wordpress probably has the widest base of plugins and themes to choose from. We have thousands of professional Wordpress Themes and Wordpress Plugins available for sale on Market, with a full suite of styles and options to choose from.

2. Drupal :: Drupal is another CMS that has a very large, active community. Instead of focusing on blogging as a platform, Drupal is more of a pure CMS. A plain installation comes with a ton of optional modules that can add lots of interesting features like forums, user blogs, OpenID, profiles and more. It's trivial to create a site with social features with a simple install of Drupal. In fact, with a few 3rd party modules you can create some interesting site clones with little effort.

3. Joomla : Joomla is a very advanced CMS in terms of functionality. That said, getting started with Joomla is fairly easy, thanks to Joomla's installer. Joomla's installer is meant to work on common shared hosting packages, and is very straightforward considering how configurable the software is. PolyMath BPO provides the Content Management service to our clients at an affordable price. If you are looking for a trustful partner for a Content Management System service then you are in the right place. For more queries and Free Quote feel free to contact Us.

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