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In a tight competitive market, Data Processing requirements enable global business in maintaining uptime and competitive effectiveness. Assisting a wide variety of industries and clients ranging from professionals to retailers, manufacturers to service providers, we help them tackle their Data Processing challenges such as summarizing information into intelligent formats, generating important summary statistics on data, and creating powerfully illustrated tables.

Applications for POLYMATH data entry services include insurance claims data entry, healthcare receivables data entry, survey data collection and data entry required for opinion surveys and market research surveys, data entry to create of mailing lists from directories, data mining services to create mailing lists, rebate processing and rebate form data entry service, data entry and indexing of microfilm conversion, data entry for subscriptions, data entry for loan applications, data entry for product registrations, data entry service for product warranty cards, data entry for fund raising, data entry for member applications and data entry for fan surveys and registration forms.

Under Data processing service, we can do the following tasks:

  • Structure
  • Restructure
  • Format
  • Reformat
  • Modify / update
  • Index
Build effective data management tools to sort, track and retrieve data in just a few clicks. Data processing involves all the steps necessary to convert data processing services that polymath solutions offers include:

  • Data processing
  • Forms processing
  • Transaction processing
  • Insurance Claim processing
  • Check Processing
  • Image processing
  • OCR Cleanup

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