Ecommerce Website Maintenance

eCommerce business is not just developing a website and uploading your inventory on it. To make your online store successful, you have to take care of all components like maintaining a shopping cart and payment gateways, fixing Broken links, proper Marketing measures, Better content management, product photo Advertising, and editing, etc. All these functions come under the eCommerce website maintenance services. Undeniably, handling all these tasks on your own is difficult. Our eCommerce website management solutions help you to meet your business-specific requirements. As part of our eCommerce website support service, we offer the following services

Fixing eCommerce Website Elements

At Polymath, we provide assistance in verifying and correcting the broken links, malfunctioning components, and defective forms on your eCommerce portal. Our team of experts is proficient at working on various eCommerce platforms and can provide quality services within a reasonable time.

Content Management

With 3+ years of experience in eCommerce copywriting, we help our global clients in providing personalized content for their eCommerce websites. Our content related services include writing product user manuals, product descriptions, product FAQs, product specifications, etc. Our team of catalog copywriters give interest in your offerings and makes the decision-making process easier for your buyers.

Product Page Updates

We make it clear that the products you offer stay unique and relevant to your target audience. Polymath offers a complete spectrum of product catalog management services including data entry of product titles, SKUs, product photos, lengthy or short product descriptions, prices, key attributes, etc.

Editing of Product Images

We provide product image enhancement, image masking, product image modification, photo resizing, image cropping, photo retouching, etc.

Marketing and Optimization

We help your eCommerce Store attract relevant traffic and ensure a seamless buying experience with minimal shopping cart omission and thereby boost the overall sales. Our team of eCommerce marketing professionals comprises certified developers, marketing specialists, and graphic designers.

Shopping Cart Maintenance

Our consultants help you in maintaining your online store up-to-date. We regularly upgrade your shopping cart for you to use its new features in a better way. We also provide you assistance in installing a standard or customized module, implementing XHTML/CSS changes, revamping the existing template design, upload of new products, promoting your marketing campaigns, troubleshooting, etc.

Payment Gateway Integration

Your eCommerce business can become a target to cyber-crime if the latest security features are not installed in the payment gateway and shopping cart. As a result, your shopping cart may accept illegal credit card transactions and consider them valid. At Polymath, our payment gateway integration experts have the requisite expertise in handling the integration process across all eCommerce shopping platforms. Our experienced payment gateway professionals are well-versed with PHP, Visual Basic.Net, ASP.Net/ASP, and Perl/CGI to deploy the payment gateway, configure it, and make it compatible with the programming languages so used.

Website Statistics Tracking

We provide enhancement of the overall conversion of your e-store by constantly optimizing the keywords in all your product pages. In addition, we keep a watch on their activities at the checkout page and determine non-converting web pages with a thorough website analytics report.

Effective Website Security

The security of your eCommerce website is extremely important. If it is not taken care of properly, it can hamper your sales equation in a drastic way. We reinforce the security of your eCommerce website by installing firewalls and upgraded antivirus software. We employ sturdy security measures to prevent any kind of security breach. We scan your eStore timely to ensure that all your online data is backed up with adequate recovery measures.

Polymath an obvious choice

Our team of experts has years of experience in maintaining eCommerce websites across all major shopping platforms and renders adequate support to our clients across the globe. For Free Quote and additional inquiries feel free to contact us.

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