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If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will take it as an opportunity to attract customers towards them. Customers will be happy when they get quick and easy resolutions to their issues. So Staying close to your customers with the right help desk software is essential. Also it is very important to reach your customers on the channels they use most, including email, voice calls, and social media. We will help you in converting your business email, phone, chat social media, and web requests into tickets and manage them at one place. We will provide a customer support platform with an integrated help desk, live chat, shared inbox, and more that helps teams be more productive while delivering exceptional customer service. We will make sure your communication with customers is seamless, personal and efficient which means more productive agents and satisfied customers.

Our Services Include:

i) Contact Forms
ii) Real-time chat
iii) Community Forum
iv) Social Media Interaction
v) 24/7 Availability with Automated Responses
vi) Reports and Analytics
vii) Safe & Secure

Key Features of our software:

a) Responsive Design
b) Ticketing - Convert email, phone, chat and web requests into tickets and keep them organized.
c) Survey, Rating and Feedback
d) Social Media Login Support
e) Agent Collision Detection - Ensure that multiple agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket by accident
f) SLA Management - Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different business hours
g) Thank You Detector - Prevent reopening of tickets when customers respond with a thank you
h) Canned Responses - Provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies. It Helps in speeding up our response time.
i) Knowledge Base - Cut down incoming requests with the built-in knowledge base.
j) Help Center analytics - Tracking the phrases your customers are searching for and optimize your content.
k) Global Support & Multilingual - Support multiple languages by localizing your Help Center. Also available in different timezones. Make answers stick and your content with images, gifs and even videos
l) Multibrand Help Center - Create a unique service portal for each brand’s customers
m) New ticket notifications - Get a message when a ticket arrives. There’s no need to stay logged-in all the time.
n) Automated assignment - Assign tickets to the right people or teams based on the email mailbox they arrive to.

Live Chat Widget Features:

a) Embedded on any page of website
b) Instant Automated replies
c) Sending targeted messages based on User’s interests
d) Canned Responses
e) Chat anytime, anywhere

Turn website visits into sales and customer satisfaction. Try our software for 14-Days Free. You can download and install it freely. Feedbacks are welcome, as well as contributions and advice. If you are satisfied with the performance, quote for the price. No subscription and no running expenses.

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