Medical Billing

Modern ways of medical billing has made things easier and better in medical world. We bring to you online medical billing that works at the rapid speed. Our online medical billing is highly famous in the medical world as loads of big organizations are asking online medical billing served by us. Our online medical billing and other ways are very modern and carried by most talented people in the business. Also, for different client requirements our services are given enough leniencies so that they fit in their criteria. We are one of the most credible names for medical billing services in India.

  • We offer medical transcription billing at the minimal charges.
  • Patient Demographics – Place of Service, Date of Service, Type of Service, Referring Physician
  • Charge Entry – ICD codes, CPT codes, and modifiers are entered into billing system
  • Claim Filing – Electronic and Paper
  • Payment posting and reconciliation
  • Appeals – appealing for denials and incorrect payment to insurance companies


Billing Quality is measured in terms of timeliness and completeness of payment. The shape of the distribution curve of Accounts Receivable illustrates billing quality. Specific measures include median and percent of accounts receivable beyond 30 days, 60 days, and 120 days. A good quality billing process has relatively small median, e.g., half of the claims must be paid within 30 days, and a steep drop in terms of percents of accounts receivable, e.g., reaching less than 10% of A/R beyond 120 days. The actual amount of Accounts Receivable beyond 120 days is considered uncollectable and labeled as a provider’s loss for write off.

Our high quality medical billing, medical coding and medical insurance processing solutions maximize earning potential and improve the practice of specialists.

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