Medical Transcription Services

Our Medical transcription service, serving both hospitals and clinic based Physicians. Our unique 4-stage process plan to ensure your outsourcing success


Toll Free Telephone Dictation
Our Medical transcription process encompasses capturing doctor’s dictation using a toll free dial in server. The doctors will be provided with toll free number for dictation.

The doctors record their dictation; once the dictation is completed, it will be converted in a WAV file format and will be available directly in our secure FTP server.


Hand-held Digital Recorders
Using a hand held digital recorder, record your dictations at any time, anywhere. Once recorded, whenever it is convenient to you, simply plug your hand-held recorder into your PC using the cable provided and upload or email the audio files to us.


Each doctor is allocated his own transcribers and editor who work on his account every day. This ensures quality through familiarization on a regular basis. Our system automatically logs the dictation and allocates the corresponding individual Doctor template.


Every transcript completed by our transcriber go through our Quality Control Stage. Here, each transcription is checked again word by word against the original dictation by an Editor.


All files are checked for correctness, signed off and delivered to the Doctor.

Polymath Solutions is well equipped to deliver 24X7 support round the year, ceaselessly and customerizes business solutions that depends on client’s requirement, optimize the use of onshore labor in the US, near shore labor in Mexico and offshore labor in South Asia.

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