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PHP is a server-side coding language for generating dynamic Web pages. MySQL is a relational database management system. PHP merges most of the features of C and Perl in an easy-to-read format. Developers have regarded PHP MySQL as a better solution for easy-to program dynamic web pages and is equally easier to maintain and update in comparison to other coding languages.

Our services include PHP and MySQL development and programming. PHP with MySql offers the fastest web solutions for developing dynamic web apps. We provide affordable PHP Programming services for dynamic websites, which run on PHP programming and MySQL database programming.

Ajax is a client-side code that transfers data to and from a server or database without a postback or a page refresh. In other words Ajax is defined as the method of interchanging data with a server, and updating web page parts without reloading the entire page. It is also used in various JavaScript techniques to connect to a web server dynamically without necessarily loading multiple pages. It refers to the use of XmlHttpRequest objects to interact with a web server dynamically via JavaScript.

Benefits of Ajax

There are 4 main pros of using Ajax in web apps:

Ajax is used to do a callback, which is a quick round trip to and from the server to retrieve/save data without attaching the entire page back to the server. By not performing a full postback and sending all form data to the server, network utilization is minimized resulting in quicker operations. In restricted bandwidth locations, this can greatly improve network efficiency. By using callbacks, the server does not process all form elements resulting in only the necessary data processing on the server. Ajax accepts to make asynchronous calls to a web server. This results in less waiting time in data transmission to the client browser.

As page postback is removed, Ajax enabled applications will be faster and more user-friendly. Speed: Ajax is designed to have a faster experience. Best example of Ajax use is the movie rating feature on Netflix. The user rates a movie and their personal rating for that movie will be saved to their database without a page to refresh or reload.

Technical features of Ajax
Ajax callbacks are done by incorporating an XMLHttpRequest object in the client-side JavaScript. The XMLHttpRequest object can be used to call server-side objects like pages and web services. These web services will either save and/or return data.

Polymath is a professional PHP programming services provider and bestows a wide variety of PHP application development services. We can work on leading operating systems such as Unix, Solaris, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Our PHP Programming Services
PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is mostly used in server-side coding, but is also used in a separate graphical application from a command-line interface. It is a popular Apache module among the servers that use Apache as a web server. It is a most used programming language after Java, C and Visual Basic. It can be implanted into HTML and is used for command-line coding and client-side interface applications. PHP can be used on all web servers, irrespective of operating systems & platforms.

Polymath provides a wide range of PHP programming services which include -

● Customized web app development
● Enhancement of your existing web application
● Re-architecture of MySQL data
● Open-source implementations, that use Drupal, WordPress, and Magento
● PHP framework migration (Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, etc.)
● Backend work for mobile apps and JSON/XML API connectors
● Security and application maintenance for existing PHP-based apps
● Custom PHP application development
● Change old/outdated code
● Coding for PayPal and credit card gateways
● Our PHP specialists can maintain your company's blog and maintain better view count in your blog

Advantages of Using PHP There are several benefits of using PHP programming . Some of ‘em are:

● Simple to use and implement
● Syntax of PHP is very similar to Pearl, Java, and C
● Unix, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and other operating systems Support
● Support for server-side scripting as well as command-line scripting
● Dynamic and static web pages coding support
● Can code desktop applications
● Reliable, fast and stable
● Constant Updation
● Can be used as an object-oriented programming tool or as a procedural programming tool
● Support several web servers.

Steps in our process

● Requirement Inquiry: At first we take a complete report of your PHP programming requirements in detail
● Planning: Next our Team Manager carefully examines the requirements and comes up with a suitable project plan
● Design: Our PHP professionals submit an initial design to you for your approval
● CRM Development: Once it is approved, the full development work of the PHP application will be started
● Integration and Testing: The PHP-based application is blended at your end and our professional testers begin
testing to pick out errors and bugs which are reported to the development team.
● Deployment: Once the bugs and errors have been conveyed, final deployment and integration of the PHP application occur at your end

PolyMath BPO provides PHP programming services at a best quality at an affordable Price. Also our team consists of Expert Web Development Skills and expertise in related web development technologies like ValidateJS, JSON, AngularJS, jQuery Mobile, and Ajax that helps us further make your web application more powerful, modern, and easily expandable.

We have robust PHP programming skills and can work with PHP4 or PHP5, HTML5/XHTML, Ajax, CSS2/CSS3 using any database you choose, including PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL. In addition, our developers have expertise in using tools such as GitHub, PHPUnit, ScrutinizerCI, PHP Codesniffer, SublimeText, PhpStorm, PHP Profiler, PHPMetrics, ImageMagick, and PHP Smarty, among others and are constantly learning new techniques and tools. We are proud to announce that we are proficient in SEO tools and techniques and also have onboard a separate SEO team who are capable of increasing traffic to your website and make your application more visible to search engines.

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