Transcription Quality

Medical Transcriptionists guarantees 98% line-based accuracy for all medical transcription reports. All documentation are professionally edited to ensure that the medical dictating physician’s meaning is conveyed and correct sentence structure is maintained without ‘rewriting’ the physician’s notes.

Quality Assurance is performed in teams that focus on specific types of reports. Each team listens to dictated reports while proofreading the transcription to verify all required information, sentence structure, and legibility, remove typographical errors, and check document integrity. After reports are proofed, mistakes are marked and weighted according to AAMT guidelines.

Step 1: – Medical Transcription All our transcriptionists are split into specialist teams. Each Doctor is allocated an individual transcriptionist. This ensures quality through familiarization on a regular basis.

Step 2: – Quality Control Every transcript completed by our transcriptionists go to our Quality Control Department. Here they are checked again word by word against the original dictation by an Editor.

Step 3: – Output and Complete All files are visually checked for correctness, signed off, and delivered to the Doctor’s secure output directory where the files are retrieved.

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