Video and Text content Moderation

When you run an online interactive community, it becomes very vital to manage user-generated content (UGC), as your brand fame relies on it. It is crucial to ensure that only suitable user-generated content is posted on the website by screening and filtering (e.g. comment moderation) for mal-content. Failing to do so could severely impact user traffic, company brand, and online user experience. These user-generated content can come in from various multimedia platforms such as photos, videos, or texts. Texts include comments, tweets, posts, reviews, etc. Our real-time multilingual moderation services explore all kinds of user-generated content to keep your online community safe & user friendly.

We provide the following services


Experienced moderators monitor and moderate live chat sessions to prevent policy violations. Whether its webcam chat sessions or simple text chat sessions, we will take care of ‘em.


Our multilingual text moderators review each and every comment and/or post submitted by users in your community on a real-time basis and we assure you the post quality is within standards.


Brands nowadays release various kinds of their products’ updates in Social Media, making it a necessity to efficiently manage user-generated content across social platforms. Our social media professionals dexterously manage & moderate these contents creating a pleasant social experience.


As Twitter has taken the center stage in social branding, it is important that tweets about your brand are posted in time. We moderate tweets any time with great accuracy.


A negative review brings different kinds of an impression on brands if left unattended. Our moderators take care of user reviews 24x7 protecting brands.


Our social media consultants and project managers observe your requirement in detail and formulate a customized solution for your text moderation needs. You can customize the complete offering including resources, time, and volume.Our team of multilingual and highly qualified specialists takes immediate protective and proactive steps when the conversation or content takes an awful turn. To make sure such protection is always on standby, we keep an eye anytime on user-generated content (UGC).

Video Moderation

Our video moderation solutions include industry-leading accuracy 24x7. Whether you require an inclusive moderation solution or a cost-effective way to moderate thousands of videos per day for basic violations such as obscenity, we will take care of it.

Video Moderation Methods

● End-to-End Moderation: In this process, the whole video is examined for content violations. As everything a video contains is not apparent on the surface, moderating audio, and video from start to finish ensures precise judgments.

● Still-Image Moderation: In this process still images at predetermined intervals from your videos, which can be a cost-efficient and effective moderation solution compared to End-to-End Moderation.

● Advanced Moderation This process combines End-to-End Moderation with Still Image Video Moderation, providing a level of overabundance to guarantee the clearest and precise decisions.

PolyMath BPO services provide better moderation to its partners’ online content with at most care and at a low price.

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